Interrupt Catching Up On The Blog To Complain About The Rain…

Just want to say thank you so much to Hurricane Vance and his left over rains and winds from Mazatlán Mexico. If you want to weaken, just weaken before you end up blowing in to San Antonio, Texas. Not that we don’t love staying in the motorhome because we now have a moat and no bridge. Not that we don’t love wondering if the gravel we are parked on is going to turn in to quicksand, and we’ll slowly sink up to our axles. Not that we don’t love turning on the close captioning so we know what’s going on in the movie because the rain is so loud on the roof of our metal box motorhome WE CANT HEAR ANYTHING EVEN WHEN IT’S ONLY THREE FEET AWAY.  Not that we don’t love wondering how long the milk for the coffee is going to last.  (Someone may get hurt if we run out of milk.)

Hey, its only suppose to rain in biblical proportions for two more days. But it’s ok! This is the soggy part of the adventure!

Every path has its puddles. . .


The rain begins.


The first flood alert we’ve ever received on our phones.



First Night in California. Redding. Yeah.

09/05/14  Marina RV Park. Redding CA (146 miles)

This place was not awesome. Why we decided to stay here? Guess we were tired, didn’t know where else to go, and wanted to stop before dark. The park took cash or checks only. There’s a duck poo river which our site was close to. Our site was also close to several large high voltage towers. The cat started glowing. I took one picture.

Then, something happened that might have been the reason we stopped here. As we were walking to the restrooms, a young woman was next to the closed park office with a mini van. She was looking for a place to tent or car camp, and just someplace safe to stay for the night. We suggested she go 8 miles south to the T & A truck stop. It’s well lit, has lots of parking, and she could sleep in her van for the night (for free.) She thanked us, and went on her way. The next morning we stopped at that same truck stop for breakfast, and there in the store was the young woman having spent a safe night in the truck stop parking lot. We were happy to see each other. She thanked us again for the suggestion of the truck stop. We wished each other safe travels and she went on her way.

So, our first night in California wasn’t a huge adventure, but it might have been a “roads lead there for a reason” experience.

Safe travels to all those on the road, no matter if your journey is short or long.

This beautiful high voltage power pole and lines were about 100 feet from our motorhome

This beautiful high voltage power pole and lines were about 100 feet from our motorhome

Our Last Stay in Oregon For 2014 (Maybe, Probably)

09/03 – 04/14 Holiday RV Park, Phoenix OR (247 miles)

We chose this location because it’s close to Jacksonville OR, a historic gold mining town. Plus, it’s the direction we were going in. We’ve been to Jacksonville before, two years ago when we were on our 7 week road trip. Honestly, everything there is to see in Jacksonville we saw the first time around. But, the 18 mile round trip gave us a chance to ride the Sprees, their longest work-out yet. It was good we found a shady spot in Jacksonville to park as it was hot and the Sprees were hotter! Poor little 2 stroke engines.

The park we stayed at, Holiday RV Park, was nice. We would stay here  if we ever needed to be in this part of Oregon again.  The people in the office were great (cookies!), and in fact, this is where the knit Oregon dishcloth was left as a gift. There was bridge construction going on right outside the park’s fence, but they didn’t start early or work late. Oh, and, “Phoenix OR – Where We Had Our First Dutch Brothers Coffee.”

California, here we come!

The Sprees take a rest in Jacksonville OR

The Sprees take a rest in Jacksonville OR


New bridge going in right outside the campground

New bridge going in right outside the campground

Twice As Great! Day 2

09/02/14 Arcane Cellars at Wheatland Winery (75 miles)

Arcane Cellars is a winery that participates in Harvest Hosts. Check out the Harvest Hosts  link and learn more about them!

We thought we might get to take the motorhome on the Wheatland Ferry that goes across the Willamette River, but no such luck. (?) The winery’s driveway is right before the line-up for the ferry. We were directed, by our awesome host, to park our motorhome next to the building where the wine is made and the tasting room is. This required just a bit of jockeying. With a cinder block BBQ to the back, the building to the left, and bushes in the front, thank goodness for the large grassy area to the right. Between exceptional navigation and outstanding driving, really wasn’t that big of a challenge. Ok, it really wasn’t that tough to park, but we were glad the rig wasn’t a couple feet longer. Our host provided us with a nice bathroom conveniently located to the motorhome, and a shower in the back if we were interested.

After  setting up, we took the short walk to ride the Wheatland Ferry. The trip across the river takes about 60 seconds, and pedestrians are free! On the other side is Willamette Mission State Park. We followed the Mission Site Trail, which is an easy walk with several view points to look across a section of the river. After about 1.5 hours we returned to the winery via the ferry. Other option, swim.

We cooked dinner outside on the propane stove. It was so nice out, and not too hot. Only had to fight off a few yellow jackets. After dinner we wandered over to the tasting room where our host had invited us to, what else, taste some wine. After hearing some great stories, tasting some wonderful wines, and buying a bottle for ourselves, we walked the grounds, watched the sunset over the vineyards, identified the nut trees as walnut, saw a group of grouse, and took some pictures. This was a quiet stay in a beautiful area.

We’re onto our next location, which will be decided as we drive. Probably a few more nights in Oregon. How big is this state anyway?

Turn left, winery. Go straight, ferry.

Turn left, winery. Go straight, ferry.

Our motorhome parked at Arcane Cellars


A few barrels

Our Journey Begins

September 1, 2014, and we are officially Rootless from Seattle (or the suburbs north.) First stop was the local rest area to empty our tanks. Yeah.

09/01/2014 Columbia Riverfront RV Park, Woodland WA *(173 miles)
We were going to stay at the Chehalis WA Walmart our first night out. However, decided to call Columbia Riverfront RV Park to see if they had any spots open. They did, and since they are only 1.5 hours further than Chehalis, and full hook-ups, we decided to go for it. This gave us a chance to do some more organizing without having to run lights on the batteries.

We’ve stayed at this campground before and like it. It is a parking lot style grounds with a small grass strip in between sites. We like the large pull thru spots with an awesome view of the river. They have rules, so check their website, especially to make sure you have the correct sewer connector.

We didn’t put our awning out. It’s too much trouble for one night, plus the wind can pick up suddenly. After awhile, noticed that the refrigerator was still running on LP, and the microwave clock wasn’t on. Need to remember to flip that breaker switch on when plugging in the power.

I gave my Washington dishcloth to the lady at the desk in the office. Not sure if she thought I was crazy, or she was just busy, but I forced her to participate.

On to Oregon!

* Number of miles driven, not including short side trips/sightseeing.


Our rig parked at Columbia Riverfront.



One of the big ships going down the river right in front of our site










The dishcloth I gifted before heading into Oregon

The dishcloth I gifted before heading into Oregon